Holiday Entertaining Tips - Skip the Strain!

Support is Important


Movement is Key

leg bend
Bend knees and rest them against
lean on cabinet
Lean torso against counter
leg lift
Open a bottom cabinet and place
one foot on it- alternate legs periodically


Little Changes can Make a Big Difference

  • Pay attention to how you stand, something as simple as chin position can make a big difference in how you feel at the end of the day
  • Try sitting for common tasks like washing dishes
Chin tuck
Tuck chin in and look down with
eyes with food preparation
Chin jut
Letting the chin “jut out”
increases neck curvature
work seated
Try sitting while you work


Mom’s coming anyway, so you may as well remember “Posture, Posture, Posture”

  • Draw navel into spine
  • Tighten and release gluteals periodically
  • Stand dynamically-soft knees (slight bend), push feet to outside of shoes, lift sternum
  • Every once in a while, flex your knees bringing feet up towards gluteals behind you (kick your own rear- what you will do to yourself because you agreed to host the entire family!)
  • Pick a common word and squeeze shoulder blades together every time you say it, or just every once in a while to stretch your neck and shoulders


Think Ahead

  • Actually do prepare things ahead of time like the recipes suggests, saves time and stress on the Big Day resulting in less strain on your body
  • Make a calendar and time line of what to do when
  • Lay out your platters with tags as to what is going where (i.e. blue platter-biscuits, silver tray turkey)
  • Set your table a few days ahead


Consider Your Tools

  • Do handle adaptations work for you? Knives and peelers and other utensils with larger grips may reduce hand fatigue and over-straining your neck during food prep.
can opener
Can opener

Watch Your Technique

  • When moving heavy dishes in and out of the oven make sure to lift with your legs
  • Let others lift the giant roasting pan for you, or do it as a team effort giving thanks that you didn’t buy the 30 pound Turkey!
Lift proper
Bend at the knees when lifting
Lift wrong
Do NOT bend at the waist


Last but Certainly not Least!

  • When the meal is done take a hot shower or bath, stretch out and REST!