Post-Run Tips

Stretching1. Move & Stretch 

After you run your muscles and joints are (literally) ACHING to move to a position and length other than what you use during the run.  They also have lots of lactic acid build-up which can be flushed through the system with movement and stretching.

Click here to view a video about stretching!


Water2. Hydrate

You want your urine to be the color of lemonade NOT an apple juice color (sorry for ruining those two beverage choices for you:)) but being dehydrated can lead to serious side effects which you may not even notice until it is too late.


Soak3. Ice

Use ice bags to treat local inflammation or trouble areas, better yet, a dip in a cool pool can do wonders for the body post race; similar to an ice bath but much more pleasant!


PB&J4. Eat!

You may not want to eat a full meal but a snack balanced with carbs and protein can facilitate recovery at the cellular level reducing soreness and increasing muscle building.  Our MSU nutritionists suggest Chocolate milk as a choice recovery drink!


Walk5. Move again

Later in the day and evening, you want to take a quick walk, again, giving the muscles and joints the nutrition and "stretching" they need to recover by increasing the circulation; "out with the bad, in with the good"!!